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The 9 Best Cloud Phone Systems in 2020—with Prices  [Part 3]

Oct 15, 2020 7:00:20 PM

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Looking for the best cloud phone system for your business?

The office has been rented, the desks are readynow all that’s missing is a business phone system. 

Which providers are currently the best on the market? 

What features do they offer? 

How much will it cost?  

As every business is unique, there is no one size fits all solution. 

The following overview will help you choose the best cloud phone system for your business.

The best cloud phone systems in 2020

  1. RingCentral
  2. Benemen
  3. Nextiva
  4. Ooma
  5. 8x8
  6. GoToConnect
  7. Mitel
  8. Vonage 
  9. DialPad 

Ring Central

Highlights and key features

  • 50+ features
  • video meetings with up to 200 participants
  • Small, medium and enterprise businesses
  • 4 different pricing plans

RingCentral promises to bring employees and customers together with an easy to use modern business phone system. The cloud based communications and collaboration platform RingCentral Office is suitable for businesses of all sizes from small business to enterprise. 

The system offers a wide selection of more than 50 features depending on the plan you choose. These include voicemail-to-text, team messaging, audio conferencing, hot desking, real-time analytics and video meetings with up to 200 participants.  

RingCentral Office combines message, video and phone together in a mobile and desktop app. Integrations with popular CRM software like Zendesk and Salesforce is available. 

Pricing: The four pricing plans range from $19.99 (Essentials) over $24.99 (Standard) and $34.99 (Premium) to $49.99 (Ultimate). Prices per user per month. 


Highlights and key features

  • Unified communications
  • Call center functionality
  • For upper-end small and medium-size enterprises
  • Scalability on demand: Only pay for what you use  

Benemen is the leading choice and biggest player in the Nordics in the context of cloud based voice communication. We’re biased, of course, but Benemen is known for offering and developing outstanding customer experiences for our clients. The flexible pay as you go cloud phone system is suitable for businesses on the upper end of the SME market with between 50 and 2000 users. 

Benemen provides a cloud PBX with great integration capabilities. A cloud-based phone system that delivers more retention, up-sales and customer happiness. 

Benemen cloud PBX includes call center functionality and integrates with mobile and unified communications. The advanced business phone system lets you connect voice to data, enables smart call routing, IVR, call recording and much more. 


Pricing starts as low as a few euros per month for a simple subscription with one line or phone number. Our capabilities range from small business to enterprise and there are more sophisticated plans for customer service agents available. As your organisation grows, our solution scales with you. You only pay for what you use. 

Our team is happy to give you a custom quote for the Cloud PBX system that fits your organization’s specific needs. 



Highlights and key features

  • complete business telephony solution
  • free local US numbers
  • Small, medium and enterprise businesses
  • 3 different pricing plans 

Nextiva provides a modern business phone system for enabling remote work. It allows employees to make and receive calls on their computers or mobile phones with VoIP. Nextiva offers solutions for small and medium sized businesses as well as enterprise businesses. 

There are a number of features available, as well as hardware communication tools. Basic features include free number porting, unlimited calling and hold music while the pro plan includes text messages, unlimited call recording and the Nextiva app. Enterprises benefit from call recording, voicemail-to-text and voice analytics. 

Nextiva is focused in the United States and has not expanded coverage into Europe. Unlimited calls with no per-minute charges are only available for US businesses that place calls to the United states and Canada. 


Nextiva has three pricing plans that range from $20 (Basic) over $25 (Pro) to $55 (Enterprise). Prices per user per month. Discounts apply for 12 and 36 month agreements. 


Business Phone System Comparison Chart


Highlights and key features

  • 35+ curated features
  • virtual receptionist and free mobile app
  • Small business phone systems and enterprise communication
  • 3 pricing plans plus call center option 

Ooma has divided its cloud phone offerings into two sections. The first section focuses specifically on small businesses. The second one provides customized Enterprise communications VoIP solutions that perfectly support enterprise organisations. 

Features like Ooma Office virtual receptionist and multi-ring are specifically designed for small businesses. A free mobile app allows on-the-go workers to manage their business calls from their smartphones. 

Ooma Office Pro provides a convenient desktop app so employees can use their cloud phone system right from their computers. Over 35 curated features help run businesses more efficiently and provide excellent customer service. 


Ooma Office starts at $19.95 and Ooma Office Pro that includes the desktop app and other advanced features is $24.95. Ooma Enterprise is $34.99 and the call center that can be integrated into Ooma Enterprise is $74.99. Prices per user per month.


Highlights and key features

  • All-in-one communications
  • Call recordings and visual voicemail
  • Unlimited calling plans for US & Canada
  • 2 pricing tiers plus analytics

8x8 offers a cloud phone system to equip teams with all the tools they need to easily manage incoming and outgoing phone calls. Key features include unlimited calling, SMS & fax, multi-level auto attendant, call recordings and visual voicemail. 

The enterprise-grade cloud PBX provides flexible call flows and global coverage. An all-in-one collaboration app for desktop and mobile combines voice, video, private and team chat.

8x8 offers 3 different tiers: a small business phone system, a more advanced all-in-one solution with voice, video and chat as well as analytics for administrators and supervisors. It also allows users to build their own bundle and request a tailored quote. 


Small business phone system 8x8 express starts at $12 and X2 (all-in-one voice, video and chat) starts at $25. Analytics for administrators and supervisors are available starting at $45. Prices per user per month.


Highlights and key features

  • 100+ features
  • Unified communications & collaboration
  • Mobile App
  • 5 tiered pricing model on a per user basis

GoToConnect (Powered by Jive) is a simple and seamless platform for voice and video. It offers a comprehensive set of features for businesses of different sizes. GoToConnect offers more than 100 features - from cloud VoIP to web, phone and video conferencing. 

The unified communications solution enables businesses to work virtually thanks to features like screen share, team-based call distribution and custom call routing. 

GoToConnect integrates with leading software solutions, enabling companies to benefit from cross-application communication functions.


GoToConnect has a 5 tiered pricing model on a per user basis: $29.95 for 1-4 users, $25.95 for 5-9 users, $23.95 for 10-24 users, $21.95 for 25-49 users, $19.95 for 50+ users. Prices per user per month.


Highlights and key features

  • mobile-first design
  • Collaboration and CRM integration
  • Small, medium and enterprise businesses
  • 3 different pricing plans 

Mitel offers a family of platforms that deliver hosted voice, unified communication and collaboration tools for businesses of all sizes. Mitel’s hosted PBX system allows employees to take their office system on the go with a smart phone application. 

MiCloud Connect is a cloud business communications service that provides all the features you’d expect from a business phone system, such as audio and video conferencing with web sharing, business SMS, and individual and group chat. 

IP desk phones and an integrated contact center are available on request. Although it looks geared more toward bigger organisations, it’s also accessible for smaller business, with mix and match pricing according to need. 


The three tiers range from $20.99 (Essentials) over $26.59 (Premier) to Elite which is starting at $38.49. Prices per user per month.


Highlights and key features

  • 50+ features
  • Unified communications
  • small businesses
  • 3 different pricing plans

Vonage Business Communications (VBC) provides a unified communication experience across channels like voice, SMS, team messaging, fax, social and more. It’s designed to connect with business teams and customers and increase productivity. 

The flexible small-business phone system that runs entirely on the internet provides over 50 business phone features. Call features include click-to-dial, call monitoring, call flip, virtual receptionist and paperless fax. 

The mobile plan is geared to remote teams and professionals on the go. The premium plan includes CRM integration to provide sales and service agents with what they need

Vonage pricing plans range from $19.99 (Mobile) over $29.99 (Premium) to $39.99 (Advanced). Prices per user per month.


Highlights and key features

  • Voice intelligence
  • Unlimited calling in US and Canada
  • Small businesses and enterprises
  • 3 different pricing plans

Dialpad allows businesses to move their phone system, conferencing and call center to the cloud. Dialpad Talk is a business phone system that allows employees to work from anywhere using a mobile app and web portal. 

The system offers a wide selection of features depending on the plan you choose. These include number porting, business SMS, dynamic call routing and voicemail transcription. Dialpad Talk also leverages voice intelligence and call analytics. 

Dialpad Talk supports a number of apps and integrations. The company also offers a range of phone handsets and headsets directly to customers. 

Dialpad Talk is available in three different tiers: Standard, Pro and Enterprise. Prices are only available on request. 

cloud_phone system business possibility

Benemen can help you find the best option for your needs 

With numerous functions, a cloud phone system can bring undreamt-of possibilities to your organization. Every business is unique with Benemen we will customize your phone solution for your unique business needs. 

Our customer support team is committed to understanding your needs and helping you build better business communications by taking them to the cloud. 

Request a free custom quote to see for yourself.


Written by Benemen


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