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Inside Benemen: Meet Andreas Jansson, Sr. Account Executive

Andreas Jansson

In this edition of Inside Benemen, we’re excited to introduce you to Andreas Jansson. Andreas is a Senior Account Executive and joined Benemen in August 2020. Andreas is based in our Stockholm office where he finds himself increasingly excited about the possibility of shaping the future of the voice industry—within a company where every voice matters.

Coming to Benemen with 20 years of experience in Sales and Account Management for global telecom companies, Andreas was looking for a position that bridged the innovative side of telecommunications and his expertise. Benemen was the perfect match.

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What drew you to join Benemen?
Andreas: The challenges and possibilities. I’m coming from a big and established telecom company where everything is written in stone and decision making processes take a long time. Although Benemen is already established in Finland, it is a fairly new player in the Swedish market. The possibility to start growing the customer base in a new market is exciting. We’re working together as a team, seeing it evolve and grow.

I like the modern way that we at Benemen see the voice industry. Coming from a very traditional background and asking: How do we take traditional PBX and contact center solutions and make them more attractive and focus on tomorrow’s message around it?

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You’ve been here since August 2020. How has your experience been so far?
Andreas: The onboarding was a great experience. I was surprised how seamless it was - especially for a relatively small company and considering that I was starting this new position in the time of COVID-19 with a 100% remote recruitment process.

In my third week I travelled to Finland where the company arranged socially distanced meetings outside the office so I could meet the majority of my colleagues in person. Everyone has been super friendly and it feels like a bit of a family. Everyone really cares about each other.

How do you describe the culture at Benemen? Any favourite things about the Stockholm office? 
From what I’ve seen so far the company is living up to its values. We’re really trying to focus on doing what matters to have an impact and look for innovative solutions. If you have an idea it’s more or less: “Let’s go ahead and do it, let’s try it.” That really excites me.

In our office in Stockholm we do everything with humour and a positive attitude. I’m not a too serious guy and that has always been working for me with my customers in previous positions. After all, we’re all human beings. 

From what I've seen, Benemen is living its values. We’re really trying to have an impact and look for innovative solutions. If you have an idea it’s more or less: “Let’s go ahead and do it, let’s try it.” That really excites me.

What excites you most about the future of Benemen?
Andreas: As for the future of the company: It’s bright! We’re trying to build something up here. As we can’t replicate what the company has done in Finland we need to take another angle. We have a great opportunity here and that really excites me.

As for my own future at Benemen I’m excited that within one career I can explore different challenges here. I’m a Senior Account Executive but since we’re a fairly small organisation here in Sweden, the role is so much more than that. We’re doing a bit of everything and I think that’s the same for most people in the company, since we are relatively small. That’s the fun part. People do what needs to be done instead of focusing what’s written in the role description. Just make sure it gets done. 

What would you tell people considering joining our company?
Andreas: Just do it. Benemen has a lot to offer. And we have a fantastic CEO. He’s really trying to lift everyone up. He’s extremely inspirational, very energetic and energizing. He’s a really passionate guy who wants Benemen to succeed.

Want to join Andreas on the Benemen team? We’re hiring. Check out our open roles here.

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