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Benemen at full steam ahead: 81 percent profitable growth

Jun 26, 2019 8:00:00 AM

A Finnish software firm and operator is helping companies to transform their messy communications into good customer service and valuable customer analysis.

Benemen, a software provider, has published its financial statements for 2018. Net sales grew by 81 percent on the previous year, to EUR 15.6 million. Growth was also profitable: the operating profit margin was 11.9 percent and net profit as a percentage of sales 4.4 percent.

Benemen is a Finnish software company and operator which develops communications and customer service solutions for SMEs and large companies. Companies can use Benemen's technology to manage a wide range of customer service channels (phone, email, chat and the social media) in a single environment and route them intelligently, helping its clients to improve the quality and efficiency of their own customer service.

Benemen is also an operator: it provides companies with the full range of phone connections from a single cloud service, with comprehensive analytics and reporting, on an operator-independent basis. Using background information, calls can be routed intelligently to create an unrivalled customer experience. Call queue options and long waiting times will be thing of the past.

In the future, customer calls can be automatically analysed on the basis of 'soft' data, such as the context, purpose, tone and feel of the call, as well as the duration and other 'hard' data. A smart company can use such data to take its customer service to a new level.

Artboard 2Matti Heikkonen

”Everyone now has a phone, an internet terminal and social media nerve centre in their pocket. This has made customer communications multi-channel: companies must serve the public via the channel that suits each customer at any given time,” says Matti Heikkonen, CEO of Benemen.

”Unfortunately, this also means that the multi-channel communications environment is complex for companies, or a complete mess in the worst cases. Our technology cost-effectively integrates customer service channels, transforms multi-channel customer service into an unbroken chain from the customer's viewpoint, and enables companies to know their customers better.”

Heikkonen says that the current migration to 5G mobile networks means even faster growth for Benemen. Benemen is the only B2B operator in the Nordic countries that can provide its customers with mobile services on an operator-independent basis. This means that user connections can switch between networks on the fly, to gain the best network coverage and connection quality for the need in hand.

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Matti Heikkonen, CEO, Benemen

phone: +358 (0)40 5484487 email: firstname.lastname@benemen.com

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