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The Complete Business Phone System Checklist  [Free Template]

Business phone checklistAre you looking to upgrade or switch your business phone system? 

This checklist will help you collect and analyse your requirements when discussing your options. Use it to prioritise and get an overview of your needs so you can make the best decision. 

Here’s why you need a business phone system

Do people still make calls in the era of texting and chatbots? 


Phone calls are still the number one customer service channel.

According to a study by the CFI Group, 76% of customers want to reach businesses by phone because they believe a phone call is the most effective way to get an answer quickly. 


A cloud-based phone system gives your business a consistent presence. This means you’re able to answer your business phone from wherever you are, not just when you’re sitting at your desk. 

The basics: How does a business phone system work? 

A business phone system lets you communicate within your company and with the outside world.  

A cloud-based phone system specifically allows you to make and receive calls over the internet and store data in the cloud. It eliminates the need for on-premise equipment. 

Cloud-based phone systems adapt to the needs of businesses of any size and allow employees to be available from any device regardless of their location. They include full functionality while all data lives in the cloud. 

Business phone packages offer lots of advanced features like intelligent call routing, call recording, and integration with CRM platforms in an affordable and scalable way.

The right cloud-based phone system will make your sales and support teams more efficient, boost productivity and reduce costs, and could increase your overall reachability of the company.

How to choose the best cloud phone system provider

The first step in choosing a business phone system is a little advanced planning. Know your needs. For example, how many calls do you need to make?

Here are 5 key considerations: 

  1. Number of calls: Consider how many users or extensions you require and how many calls you need to make simultaneously.

  2. Scalability: Pay-as-you-use models let you add new lines, services, and features when you need them.

  3. Ease of use: The ideal solution is simple for your employees to set up themselves, and no time-consuming training is needed.

  4. Customer Support: Make sure that the provider has a sound track record for taking exceptional care of its customers.

  5. Cost: While comparing prices is important, the cheapest option might not be the best for your needs. Look at the return on investment and you’ll see that increased productivity, upselling, and efficiency are enormous benefits. 

Want to explore more? Check out our guide on How to choose the best cloud phone system for your business

Checklists: Business Phone System Requirements & What features do you need from your Business Phone System?

Use the checklists to fill in your specific requirements. 

It’ll help you do your homework and be prepared when reaching out to potential business phone providers.

Download checklist


We hope these checklists will be helpful to collect your requirements before discussing your options with a business phone provider. 

Whether you’re just starting up or using outdated traditional pbx systems, choosing a cloud-based business phone system can minimise cost, offer more features and transform your upselling and customer satisfaction capacities. 

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