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Call Center Best Practices are Built-In with Benemen

Jul 23, 2020 7:16:38 PM

Call Center Best Practices are Built-In with Benemen


Succeeding in the new era of customer experience increasingly means succeeding also in your customer call center. Empowered customers with multiple communication channels at their disposal, want smart, human and resolution-focused experiences when they pick up the phone. 

Great customer service is fast, personalized, proactive and provides a connected experience. 

Even in the era of chat bots and texts, people still reach for their phones to call customer service for immediate help. For all the new channels of communication, voice remains the most trustworthy, accurate and easy to approach. 

Here are 9 ways Benemen helps you improve your voice channel and ensure customer satisfaction in a call center. 


Powerful Tools to Know Your Customer Better and Create Smarter Journeys

Who are your customers? What are their specific needs and concerns? Getting to know your customers better is the key to giving them good service which in turn results in customer loyalty and stronger customer relationships. 

benemen tools for customer insight

Benemen gives you in-depth intelligence that allows you to gain the depth of knowledge you need to delight every time. With Benemen solutions your agents have the power to put a human face on the customer and create an emotional, trusting connection. 

Our advanced business phone system that connects voice to data will help you build a long-lasting, emotional relationship that is about more than just your product. Data helps you build a rich customer profile and create smarter customer journeys. 


Benemen Connects the Customer to the Right Agent at the Right Time 

Nobody likes to be on hold or stuck in a caller queue. When your customers call customer service, they expect prompt service and a quick resolution. First call resolution (FCR) can be improved significantly when background information is used for routing the calls directly to the right agent. 

Benemen’s voice cloud solution eliminates wait times and connects customers to the right people to talk to. This means immediately better customer experience and higher customer satisfaction.

Intelligent routing allows you to assign skills to agents based on specific areas of expertise and availability that is updated in real time. An interactive voice response (IVR) system presents the customer with self-service choices. This option results in smarter call flow management and shorter hold times to keep customers engaged and delighted. 


Pre-empt Customers Needs and Leverage Feedback

In order to provide outstanding service, it is important to pre-empt the needs of a customer. This is your chance to really impress customers by taking care of a service need before they even know they need it. 

customer data compettitive insight

Benemen’s solutions for customer service help you leverage predictive analytics. Predictive analytics segment customers based on their past behavior and help predict their future purchasing behaviour. For each customer you can gain insight into what they might need and give you suggestions for the best way or time to market to them. 

This can be used by the customer support desk to skip the mundane questions and transform the call center customer interaction to a more personalised call. Listening to your customers feedback about experience they have with your business is helpful information that you can use to adjust your strategy to fit their needs more accurately. 


Be Where Your Customers Are

Your customers expect to engage with your brand across various different channels and want to get in touch in whatever way is convenient to them. If your business is receiving messages from a variety of different places you might run the risk of losing track of who was asking what and where.

Customer Experience-multichannel 

Benemen provides you with solutions that keep everything in one place and let you respond to people where they are. You can improve the omnichannel customer experience via intelligent intelligent phone systems, chat and contact centres. 

Meeting your customers where they are and offering smart support on every channel removes the boundaries between different sales and marketing channels to create a unified, integrated customer experience. To make your omnichannel strategy work, Benemen gives you the right tools to put your data to work, reach your customers at the right time, and help them convert.


Turn Customer Metrics into Insights

To know what’s working or not in order to improve customer service you should keep an eye on certain metrics. Benemen makes it easy to not just track but feed the right data to your agents

These are the top customer service metrics to measure:

NPS - Net Promoter Score shows the percentage of your customers who would/wouldn’t recommend your company to their friends, family, or colleagues.

CSAT - Customer Satisfaction Score is a transactional metric showing how satisfied customers are with a recent interaction. This is often a purchase or a customer service call. It’s flexible and highly customizable.

CES - Customer Effort Score shows the effort expended by customers in accomplishing a task. Could be getting a support request handled or finding the product they were looking for.


Benemen Seamlessly Integrates with Your CRM 

Benemen seamlessly integrates with your CRM to deliver a high-quality service experience. Salesforce Service Cloud is at the heart of omni-channel customer service and even more versatile with Benemen native voice channel as a part of the Service Cloud channel selection. 

Benemen reporting module

Customer service is still largely done over the phone. It’s important that call data like customer information, call content and sentiment is collected. Benemen is the only Nordic Salesforce partner providing the ability to collect and analyse data from calls. 

CRM integration allows you to better understand your customer, their past interactions with your company and deliver a more personalised experience. You could even prioritize high-value customers by automatically re-routing them or moving them to the top of your queue.


Improve Your Customer Effort Score


The customer effort score is a metric that quantifies the ease of interaction between the customer and your company. How easy it is for the customer to contact you and how conveniently can issues be resolved?

CES_customer effort score_call center functionality

It’s incredibly frustrating if a customer calls to get help but gets redirected from one team to another and has to go over the details of the problem a dozen times before they get to the right agent. If customers need to get an issue resolved, they want a smooth, effortless experience. 

Benemen solutions decrease customer effort - in contacting you, voicing their issue, and getting speedier resolution.  

Your agents are empowered to:

  • Offer to call back in case of disconnection
  • Know customer queries clearly without the customer having to repeat themselves
  • Provide timely, helpful material after service
  • Solving customers’ issues on the first call
  • View historic customer data for extra insight


Know Each Next Step of Your Customer's Journey

Customer_journey_with_touchpoints_contact center

A key part of providing a stand-out customer experience revolves around knowing where your customers are in the customer journey. You might have customers engaging who have already purchased. Others might be visiting for the first time and are just in the awareness stage. 

With Benemen, your customer service team can pin point in which stage of the customer journey your client or lead is in and personalise their interaction to improve the customer experience. 

Your team can answer them with the right thoughtfully personalised script and personalised answer followed by a series of screening questions. When your customers receive personalised service, they take note. A study revealed that 76 percent of customers believe that customer service is a representation of how a business values them


Deliver a better experience through upselling 

Upselling has been described as ‘helping your customers win’. Upselling is really the art of offering personalised upgrades of your product and services that add to the customer’s experience. 

You can’t build an effective upsell strategy without data. The more you know about your customer, the better the offers you can provide and the bigger the value for your customer. 

Benemen gives you all the data you need to know when to upsell, to whom, on what channel, and at what stage of the journey based on feedback or customer milestones. 

Use data to zoom in on your customers and use machine learning to actively listen and better understand their intent and predict their behaviour. Benemen combines customer data platforms with intelligent voice cloud solutions that help you better understand your customers and start upselling in real time. 


Are you ready to improve your customer service with Benemen?

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Outstanding customer service is key to keeping customers loyal and getting them to continually do business with you. This places customer service in a key position if you want to increase sales or develop products or services.

Benemen gives your customer service agents high performing tools to perform at their best every day and focus on personal interaction with customers. Data-based management of performance and efficiency of contact centres is the modern approach. 

Interested in how our solutions can improve your call center customer service? Let us show you in a brief 30 minutes demo!




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