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16 Outstanding Customer Service Blogs To Follow in 2021

Best customer service blogs 2021

Offering exceptional customer service is important if you want to keep customers happy and grow your business.

To stay on top of the latest trends, best practices, and success stories, the best place to look is the leading customer service blogs. 

Here are the top 16 influencers and blogs you should follow for the most up-to-date, advanced, and actionable strategies that will help you build a customer-centric company. 

Let’s get right into it. 

1. Help Scout 

Help Scout is a customer service platform that empowers small businesses to serve their customers in a more human, personalized way. Their blog covers a variety of topics, like customer service, support-driven growth marketing, product, and culture. You’ll find lots of actionable tips for building a customer-centric company and delivering exceptional customer service. The blog categories let you easily find the topics you’re most interested in. 

Best customer service blogs

Our top picks from Help Scout: 

2. CustomerThink

CustomerThink is a global community dedicated to customer-centric business strategy. Business leaders and expert authors write about different facets of consumer-first business management. The customer service and support category of the platform features impactful and actionable articles, interviews, and news from the world of customer service. 

Best customer service blogs to follow

Image via CustomerThink 

Our top picks from CustomerThink: 

3. Inside Intercom 

Intercom is a conversational relationship platform that helps businesses build better customer relationships through personalized, messenger-based experiences. The SaaS company runs its blog like a publication with a team of content creators that cover a broad range of topics. On Inside Intercom, they share insights, tips, and lessons about customer support, marketing, product building, and sales. 

Best blogs about customer service | Intercom

Our top picks from Inside Intercom: 


4. The 360 Blog — Salesforce

Salesforce is the world’s leading customer relationship platform. The solution brings companies and customers together and gives all departments a 360-degree view of their customers. This idea is reflected in “The 360 Blog” which aims to be the best-in-class digital publication for a wide range of business types and sizes. Check out the service category for leading industry insights, success stories, and actionable strategies.   

best customer service blogs salesforce

Our top picks from The 360 Blog: 

5. Win The Customer — Flavio Martins

Flavio Martins is an award-winning customer service blogger who calls himself a customer service fanatic. He uses his blog to teach organisations and marketers on how to use customer experience as a competitive advantage. We love how passionate he is about technology with a special human touch to create memorable customer experiences.

Top customer service blogs - win with the customer

Our top picks from Win The Customer: 

6. Groove HQ

GrooveHQ is a help desk and ticketing platform for small businesses and startups. Every week, the editorial team shares realistic and actionable advice on the beautifully clean and well-organized blog. Besides customer support content, they cover topics like remote work, growth, content marketing, and entrepreneurship. Also, check out their customer experience blog WOW where they teach you how to create a customer centric-mindset to power business decisions.  

best customer service blogs| groove #custserv

Our top picks from Groove HQ: 


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7. Customer Bliss — Jeanne Bliss

You might know Jeanne Bliss as the “Godmother” of customer experience. She helps leaders and organisations build their roadmap toward a deep and genuine customer experience. On her blog and podcast, she talks about how she learned about humanity in business by observing her dad, who owned a shoe store. We specifically like her heart-centered, value-first approach to experience leadership. 

Best Customer Service Blogs | Jeanne Bliss #custserv

Our top picks from Customer Bliss: 

8. Bill Quiseng 

Bill Quiseng is an influential speaker and blogger in the areas of customer service, associate engagement, and leadership. His blog is a resource for tips, insight, and inspiration, with lots of real-world examples and actionable advice from him and other experts. His blog is a must-read if you want to improve the delivery of your customer service. 

best customer service blogs | Bill Quiseng

Our top picks from Bill Quiseng: 


9. Customers That Stick — Adam Topore

Adam Toporek is a keynote speaker and strategic advisor who helps organisations build better experiences and generate customer loyalty. Much of his real-world approach comes from his own background as a third-generation entrepreneur. His blog posts feature videos with great practical advice. We specifically love his series “Ask The Customer Service Trainer”. 

Best customer service blogs - Adam Topore

Our top picks from Customers That Stick: 

10. Fonolo 

Fonolo makes a cloud-based call-back solution for contact centers. Their blog is a great source of customer service news, resources, and best practices. We love the entertaining and engaging style of Fonolo’s blog. They bring a very up-to-date and contemporary angle to the table with lots of educational infographics, videos, and webinars. 

best customer service blogs_fonolo

Our top picks from Fonolo: 


11. Shep Hyken

No list of customer service bloggers would be complete without Shep Hyken. He’s a customer service expert, global keynote speaker, and New York Times & Wall Street Journal bestselling business author. Shep is an energetic personality who works with companies that want to build loyal relationships and deliver amazing customer service. 

best customer service blogs|shep hykemn #custserv

Our top picks from Shep Hyken: 

12. Forrester

Market research and consulting firm Forrester helps organizations grow through customer obsession. Understanding that customer service can make or break a business relationship, they devoted an entire blog category to customer service solutions. It provides leading predictions and insights into industry trends and tips on finding and implementing the right customer service solutions. 

#custserv best blogs | forrester

Our top picks from Forrester: 


13. ClientSuccess

ClientSuccess is a customer success software that helps companies with everything from onboarding to growing their customer base. Their blog teaches actionable strategies to customer success managers, leaders, and CEOs. Pro tip: check out their practical toolkit bundles with ebooks, webinars, articles, and case studies. 

Best Customer Service blogs | ClientSuccess

Our top picks from ClientSuccess: 


14. CX Journey — Annette Franz 

Annette Franz is the founder of customer experience strategy consulting firm CX Journey Inc. She’s a top influencer in her field and shares her own articles and guest posts from other experts on her blog. You’ll find insights on customer-centric culture, change management, and transformation, based on empathy and research. 

Best customer service | Annette Franz

Our top picks from CX Journey: 

15. Zendesk

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service platform designed to improve customer relationships. Zendesk’s blog “The Library” covers the categories of service, sales, and culture. The service section focuses on several topics including customer support management, engagement, and support software. Trends and insights, engaging success stories and how-to-guides give you lots of actionable advice. 

Best customer service blogs | Zendesk

Our top picks from Zendesk: 


16. Uplifting Service 

Uplifting Service is a global consulting company and leader in building service cultures. They do workshops and training for service leaders who want to build an uplifting service culture. Their blog will equip you with best practices, tools, and tips around customer service culture and service excellence mindset. 

Best customer service blogs | Uplifting Service

Our top picks from Uplifting Service: 


As you can see, there are many great resources for customer service professionals, marketers, and leaders in all types of businesses. 

Staying up-to-date with the latest news and insights is why you should be consistently following high-quality customer service blogs. You’ll learn more than you could ever imagine, so don’t forget to bookmark your favourites! 

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