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Fantastic experiences - Working remotely from Iceland

Jul 23, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Good morning from the beautiful Westfjords of Iceland – despite the fact that we actually didn’t have night here at all because the sun doesn’t set this time of the year. Anyway, the last remote office day starting here before the holiday. 

Even though I didn’t really have any doubts, I must mention that the remote work week has gone very well. The tools I’m using – Microsoft Teams for meetings and calls, mobile phone* and the internal tools (for example MS Dynamics as CRM) have worked without any issues.

I could almost say that none of my colleagues have noticed that I’m actually thousands of kilometers away, sitting in an office by an Icelandic fjord. (Well, most of them are also on holiday, but still..!) 


As we encourage our customers to switch from Skype for Business to Teams, we have also taken the leap ourselves. We at Benemen don’t use Skype for Business for internal purposes at all anymore – the familiar functions like instant messages and calls are fully in use in Teams. Not to mention all the additional tools and functions Teams provides –  channels for discussing certain topics, file and document management (and syncing possibilities to Sharepoint and OneDrive), for example.

Reducing amount of emails

Using Teams has significantly reduced the amount of email, and the trend is towards further reduction. Teams is so much more than Skype for Business has been that it may also be seen as a cultural change. To ensure a smooth transition, a recommended approach is to set up a pilot group/proof of concept (POC) first before training and rollout across the whole company. Benemen provides full voice capabilities for Teams, as we have provided for Skype for Business.

As a software technology company, it is in our nature to be curious about what is happening around us and to be forerunners in the use and development of new tools for communication. That is also what we want to provide for our customers and their business – modern, cloud-based communication tools. 

If you are a head of ICT and are struggling with high operating costs for each and every isolated PBX system in several locations – think about this for a minute – what if you could have everything in the cloud? With one single interface for operating costs?  

I encourage you to consider giving up the old, legacy phone system and to take the leap (it can be huge, I know!) of unifying the platform for your organization’s communication tools.  

Curious? Please contact us and we can discuss more.

(If you're wondering where I’m located at the moment, please visit the website http://www.blabankinn.is/?lang=en and take your company’s remote working locations to the next level!) 

*Benemen doesn’t have mobile network coverage in Iceland. Roaming prices relate to EU and EEA countries (Iceland is part of the EEA).

Nea Wistbacka
Written by Nea Wistbacka

Nea works as an Account Manager at Benemen with assigned customer base – both with international and only Finland based customers. She has a passion for excellent customer experience and curiosity towards new technologies. As an Account Manager, she is there for her customers to develop their customer experience and communication environment to the next level.

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