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Future of Customer Service - From Cost to Growth Driver

In terms of its importance as a driver of growth, customer service is often given lower priority than other functions. However, no other business unit is capable of achieving as clear a picture of what customers are thinking.

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Customer service is contacted whenever further information, help or maintenance are needed, or a claim is presented. It is in the front line in receiving contacts about customers’ concerns and worries, hopes and expectations. This places customer service in a key position when you want to increase sales, or develop products or services.

Despite this, customer service is often viewed as just a cost. It would make more sense to raise it to the position it deserves alongside other critical functions, enabling it to share its expertise and knowledge with the entire company.

No company can afford to provide poor customer service; effective customer service is ultimately a competitive edge. The success stories of the future will use new technologies and integrate customer service with every customer encounter.

Our report combines perspectives, based on research findings and experience, on the future of customer service and the related expectations. Through this guidebook, we want to give you tips, ideas and directions on developing customer service.

Hopefully, this will provide you with new information, ideas and inspiration, based on which your company’s customer service can focus more strongly on treating people as people – openly, humanely and respecting their feelings. And act as a growth driver for your company.

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Written by Matti Heikkonen

Matti Heikkonen is the CEO of Benemen. His previous professional history includes roles as COO of Questback, CEO of Digium and Identia as well as Nokia Corporation in strategy and business development; in strategic projects and later in strategic alliances responsible for the global Nokia – Cisco Systems alliance. In addition, Heikkonen has been in various entrepreneurial roles as managing director and other executive positions in fast growth companies in software industry.


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