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How to get an insight and ability to predict?

Jul 9, 2019 8:15:00 AM


Greetings from the rainy Westfjords of Iceland. Here in one of the most remote corners of Europe, I’m currently starting my remote office day. 

I started to think about the pace and character of these summer months we are living now.

In my experience, there are two common scenarios for how the summer months (especially July in Finland) are experienced, depending on who you ask. The first one is that it’s very busy – resources in customer service are lacking because of the holiday season, and suddenly all customers want to do the changes and deliveries during the quiet period to be ready for the busy times after the holidays. The head of customer service is scratching their head with the lack of resources and rising number of tickets, and the customers are using much more of their precious time for queuing than they normally would.  

How did this happen? Should this situation have been foreseen? 

The second scenario is that finally, finally it’s quiet and there's time to do all the tasks you have postponed too many times. Planning your team’s work, setting the targets for the next half and spending some time to reflect on the past winter and spring.  

Does this sound too ideal already? Nevertheless, the fact is that planning and reflecting is one of the core elements for a team lead. I warmly recommend that you arrange yourself a period during the hectic year when you can stop, reflect and plan – and when you dare to stop and take this time, fresh ideas start to flow. Ah, you're shaking your head - too good to be true? Is the first scenario the only real scenario that exists? If you think so and you are a team leader – in the customer service of your organization, perhaps – please give a minute for the thoughts the above provokes in you.  

And now, do you want to change the situation for you and your team? We at Benemen would like to help you out here.  

We provide a cloud-based contact center platform with tools to measure all the important Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) in the customer service environment. The Benemen reporting system gives you insight and the ability to predict.  

Benemen provides a modern customer service environment to also meet your future needs – and we give you the tools to be able to reflect and plan your team’s work. 

My next days will be spent on reflecting on the past months and creating an account management plan for my customer base. The busy times are definitely ahead again soon. 

Want to discuss more? Please contact us

(If you're wondering where I’m located at the moment, please visit the website http://www.blabankinn.is/?lang=en and take your company’s remote working locations to the next level!)

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Nea Wistbacka
Written by Nea Wistbacka

Nea works as an Account Manager at Benemen with assigned customer base – both with international and only Finland based customers. She has a passion for excellent customer experience and curiosity towards new technologies. As an Account Manager, she is there for her customers to develop their customer experience and communication environment to the next level.

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