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How to improve customer experience? Customer service is in the front line

Customer service is in the front line

When customer has an urgent matter that needs to be resolved fast – the chosen service channel needs to be trustworthy, human and easy to approach. It’s not a chatbot or email, there’s no time to start typing or reading manuals. In most cases customer makes a call when distress is on.

Voice is back – human to human service experience in the era of bots

Voice as a service channel has undisputed position as the premium service channel for companies who are striving to serve their customers with high quality. Each customer interaction is unique and affects to the customer experience.

Ready to answer the call?

How then to make sure that voice is perceived as the premium service channel? These topics need to be considered well:

  1. Is customer data available preferably before the call connects?

    A 360 view of the customer means that the status and the history of the customer relationship is truly known. With the data a caller is able to get straight to the point without answering the time consuming basic questions (such as customer ID etc.).

    The 360 view also makes possible effective add-on sales based on up-to-date customer information. The 360 view is made possible by popping out the customer contact card to the customer service representative already before answering the call.

  2. Are you adequately prepared for peaks?

    A common challenge for customer service teams is insufficient workforce resourcing which will be directly shown to the calling customers as longer hold times. Solving the resourcing issues is possible without adding workforce or loading more work. Bringing intelligence to call routing and utilizing up-to-date reporting opens the knot very fast. Read more about intelligent routing.

  3. Do you have data to support your decisions and can that be trusted? 

    Reporting and analytics can help to make the team perform as effectively as possible and also show how well the team performs. With the help of up-to-date reporting you’re always able to have a view and forecast the service peaks.

    Reporting gives you the insight to have sufficient amount of service professionals taking care of the calling customers. 

  4. Can you prioritize calls and do the prioritization with right reason?

    Ease the challenge of call prioritizion. With existing data of customers in data systems such as CRM the calling customer is recognized and routed to correct team and expert. The expert will see the contact info of the caller already before answering the call and is able to analyse the customer information at first sight. Often routing call to a familiar representative can be the best way to handle the case. 

    Getting directly to the point and being able to offer a solution enables the first call resolution rate to rise. With up to date background information also intelligent routing has fuel to be able to route the calls to according to the best know-how in the organisation. When call is handled by the professional with the highest skill set the first call resolution rate will rise significantly. This immediately means better customer experience and shorter customer hold times.

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Written by Ville Purontaus

Ville used to work as a Digital Marketing Manager in Benemen. Special points of interest are online service channels and social media.


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