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Infographic: The Most Powerful Customer Service Call Phrases

Although there is no exact science to conducting a perfect customer service call, the following customer service scripts will help you know exactly what to say in which situation. They serve as the ultimate cheat sheet for you to build trust, limit frustration and keep the customer interaction moving in a productive direction. 

Keep this infographic handy the next time you answer a customer service call.



The right thing to say

Choosing the right phrases can set your customer service apart. The soul of customer service is empathy - an ability to know what the customer is feeling or going through and from there knowing what is the right thing to say.

But communication, especially in today’s multichannel world, is not easy. Especially when you’re dealing with people who are already stressed or anxious. After all, most calls happen when there’s a problem or an issue or something of emotional significance.

But using these proven customer service phrases in the right situations can turn difficult conversations into transformative ones. So keep this list handy next time you talking to a customer. Feel free to find us on LinkedIn or Twitter to tell us how you get on.

About Benemen

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