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More ideas and energy with remote working

Jul 2, 2019 12:46:00 PM

On_top_fjordsGreetings from the beautiful Westfjords of Iceland – the most remote corner of Europe. I’m having a week of remote working in the most beautiful office space I can imagine.

How did I end up here? My journey in Iceland started many years ago, and the people who know me also know that this is a place I keep coming back to. Luckily, my job as an Account Manager at Benemen is rather flexible, and I’m in the happy position of being able to plan and schedule my work by myself. All I need is my laptop with MS Teams, mobile phone and Internet connection. 

How is it then at your company? Does your company provide an opportunity to work remotely? And if yes, is it the same opportunity for everyone at your company – including customer service? Let me guess – you are either facing some trust issues from the management level, or the tools you work with don’t allow you to leave your fixed desk at the office?

The trust issues are more difficult to work with, but we at Benemen can definitely fix the issues with the customer service agent’s traditional tools – isolated PBX phone system, fixed phones, contact centre software and mobile phones – by transferring to a unified cloud-based platform. And of course, we have something for the trust issues as well – Benemen BI and reporting services make it possible to manage the agents’ work easily – whether they are sitting in the same office or not.  

Think about this for a minute: what could you give to your employees by offering them an opportunity for remote working? Someone might require more flexibility for combining work and family or enjoying the short summer at the summer home. Or escaping the winter to work under the palm trees or – like myself – seeking a sense of freedom and getting inspired by taking some time off in the Fjords. Believe me, when you change the scenery, ideas and energy start to flow. As a result, my manager has a highly motivated and inspired employee.  


Now it’s time to hop to today's second customer meeting via MS Teams, and after having a 1:1 meeting with my manager, I’ll probably take a horse and have a nice evening ride on the beach.

P.S. Heads up Head of IT, have you started preparing your company for a move from Skype for Business to Teams? If not, it’s definitely the time, and Benemen is here to help you by providing full voice capabilities for Teams. 

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(If you're wondering where I’m located at the moment, please visit the website http://www.blabankinn.is/?lang=en and take your company’s remote working locations to the next level!) 

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Nea Wistbacka
Written by Nea Wistbacka

Nea works as an Account Manager at Benemen with assigned customer base – both with international and only Finland based customers. She has a passion for excellent customer experience and curiosity towards new technologies. As an Account Manager, she is there for her customers to develop their customer experience and communication environment to the next level.

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