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Optimise your cloud phone system for better CX [Part 5]


Creating a positive customer experience creates more loyal customers. We at Benemen believe that every single person in a company is involved in improving the customer experiencenot just the customer success team. Leveraging the advantages of a cloud phone system can significantly contribute to the satisfaction of your customers. 

Whether you're a small business with many new customers or a fast-growing bigger organisation: here’s how to optimise your cloud phone system to keep up with business growth and increasing call volumes.

Consider additional features 

Due to the flexibility that a cloud-based phone system provides, you can scale according to your current needs and easily add new features. Selecting a scalable solution lets you optimise your cloud phone system for a better customer experience anytime. 

Even in the era of bots, call centres hold their position as the go-to channel in urgent and critical situations. This places customer service in a key position when you want to enhance the customer experience. One way to make the call centre customer experience as pleasant and seamless as possible is by adding features like caller recognition and intelligent call routing. They connect the caller quickly to the right agent who can offer a faster resolution as well as a more personalised response. 

It’s a lot easier for your agents to deliver great customer service when they have the customer’s information readily available. Consider a tight integration with your CRM system for your cloud-based phone system to get a 360-degree-view of your customers and track all customer touchpoints. 

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Upgrade your Network Infrastructure

Is your network infrastructure optimised for cloud telephony? Efficient and high-quality communications are an integral part of any business and reliability is key when it comes to setting up your cloud phone system infrastructure. 

Make sure that you have sufficient bandwidth in your network to support all apps and integrations that you need to operate your business efficiently. For voice calls it’s recommended to use high-speed connections with dedicated upload and download bandwidth of 60Kbps or higher for each simultaneous voice call you plan to support (at peak time). 

But speed alone doesn’t guarantee an optimal connection. In the end it comes down to the foundation of the network infrastructure and outdated and low-performing equipment are among the biggest barriers obtaining a  good quality of service. 

Configure you Routers for VoIP and Traffic Management

Make sure that your network is prioritising phone call traffic over all other kinds of network traffic, because a lack of bandwidth available for VoIP traffic can significantly drag down the quality of your calls. When your voice traffic is prioritised, on the other hand, the call quality and audio performance will be a lot better and the overall customer experience dramatically improved. 

Misconfigured routers not handling QoS properly can contribute to huge issues. Most routers are not optimally configured for the support of VoIP traffic. But because routers play an important role in your network, configuring them properly must be a priority. 

If you are experiencing problems like failing of incoming calls or calls breaking off you should check the settings in the configuration of your routers and for example disable SIP ALG. Even though SIP ALG is a feature that’s meant to prevent some of the problems caused by router firewalls, it often ends up hindering the quality of VoIP calls. This is why it is often advised to disable the feature on your router. 

Provide Comprehensive Staff Training

Switching to a new cloud-based phone system can be intimidating. That’s why you should provide comprehensive staff training so your agents become familiar with all the basic and advanced features and can use them for optimal results. 

While a lot of the features and the interface are very intuitive to use, training your agents will make sure that they are using the phone system like pros in no time. Training will help you get the most out of your investment and allow you to take full control of your telephone system configuration. 

Improve your Customer Experience with Benemen

Taking steps to optimise your cloud phone system for better customer experience is your effective strategy for success. Cloud telephony makes it possible for your business to deliver excellent customer service, no matter where your agents are or what device they’re using.  

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