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2 min read

Infographic: The Most Powerful Customer Service Call Phrases

Although there is no exact science to conducting a perfect customer service call, the following...

3 min read

Inside Benemen: Meet Andreas Jansson, Sr. Account Executive

In this edition of Inside Benemen, we’re excited to introduce you to Andreas Jansson. Andreas is a...

8 min read

The 9 Best Cloud Phone Systems in 2020—with Prices  [Part 3]

Looking for the best cloud phone system for your business?

The office has been rented, the desks...

13 min read

15 Proven Customer Service Phrases to Use & What Not to say

Words have power. The words you choose have an enormous influence on a customer’s experience of a...

7 min read

Cloud Phone Systems: How to Choose the Right One [Part 2]

Want to choose the best cloud phone system for your business?

Good! Because today, in Part 2 of...

11 min read

Cloud Phone Systems: The Definitive Guide [Part 1]

This is a comprehensive guide to cloud based business phone systems.

In this expert-written post...

2 min read

Cloud Phone System: Must-Have Business Features

Every business has different needs but when it comes to cloud based phone systems here are our top...

7 min read

Call Center Best Practices are Built-In with Benemen


Succeeding in the new era of customer experience increasingly means succeeding also in your...

9 min read

6 Account Management Tips for More Sales

This is a list of actionable account management tips.

In fact, these market-proven best practices...