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Do you have the right tools for working remotely?

Do you have the right tools for working remotely?

You need proper tools to work successfully from home. If things mentioned below are in place, it doesn’t matter whether your colleagues or customers are far away or nearby.

 1. Proper data connections

A requirement for working remotely is a connection that does not break and slow down your work or make it impossible. Good connections will make remote work productive and pleasant, while a bad connection will cut a worker off from both colleagues and customers. So make sure that you have a good data connection. You can test your Internet connection speed for example with www.speedtest.net.

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a teamwork and communication application for PCs (Windows and Mac) and smartphones (Android, iOS).

Microsoft Teams enables meetings that may include speech, video and presentation material. Chats, calls and sharing of content are also possible in real time in the same view (such as jointly edited PowerPoint, Word and Excel files).

Collaboration takes place in real time, so any changes will be immediately shown to the other participants, and saved in the cloud. Anyone can continue to edit shared documents regardless of the person’s location (naturally). Teams also enables the reduction of email traffic, as discussion takes place in workspaces within Teams, without information being lost in email threads.

Teams also shows the availability of the entire work community (available, busy, away, do not disturb), making it easier to select the most appropriate time and way for contacting.

Based on our experiences, Teams genuinely makes team communication and contacting more efficient.  Anyone working remotely can be easily accessed, facilitating collaboration.

3. Good speaker - enhanced sound quality

Jabra_Evolve_75Sound quality has an important role to play when working remotely. Unfortunately, a computer’s microphone and speaker do not enable sufficient sound quality, even though many people regard this as vital to participation in a conference call. In most cases, the laptop microphone only picks up sounds properly from close proximity, while offering very little external noise reduction. This results in others having to endure poor sound quality and, in the worst case, some important information being lost. So get some proper speech tools for your remote working set-up and make remote meetings pleasant for others, too.


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4. Webcam to bring conference alive

A good video connection will make remote workers feel more present. A video connection will also make the speaker more convincing and improve interaction between participants. The image quality of webcams on most modern laptops is pretty good. The best image quality and experience are provided by webcams capable of 4K. Of course, having excellent image quality is dependent on having the right data connection!

5. Good coffee or tea ☕

When working remotely, enjoy coffee or tea - from your favourite mug, of course.

6. Variable work posture 

The most common guideline for a good work posture is perhaps this: the best work posture is a variable one. If you work remotely from home, this guideline is even easier to follow. Why not hold meetings while in a squatting position on the floor, or while walking and talking on a mobile handset? You can even do stretching stick exercises; find an inspirational instruction video to suit your needs. 

7. Remote work wear  

When remote work is done at home, some people prefer being in pyjamas and woollen socks, while others prefer to be in formal workwear — a hoodie seems to be the garment of choice for our people.   

Wishing you enjoyable and productive remote working!

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