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Welcome to the world of modern talking!

Benemen brand development

Successful brand development resembles the journey to deeper self knowledge.

There are great tools and frameworks supporting the journey, but in the end, the answers lie within yourself. You just need to find the connection to your authentic self.

Let’s do some self-reflection first.

The last few years at Benemen have been wonderfully fast-paced and growth-led. Yet, we found ourselves in a situation where, on the one hand, we're bringing record value to our customers, but on the other hand, we had difficulties in communicating this success in an inspiring, brief, and clear way. We wanted our ability to tell our story to catch up with our ability to deliver value. Basically, it was time to update our brand narrative.

Voicing Our values

We founded Benemen with an essential vision: to offer a cloud service that revolutionises customer experience and places modern talking at the heart of business processes.

We had been working with our company values already. We had genuine interest to understand our customers’ various needs. We were constantly following the changing business environment. In other words, we had a great starting point for the journey towards the core of our company.

Our passion is to offer the smartest communication technology in the market. We do this by combining customer information and various communication channels into one controlled entity, allowing our customer to focus on the essentials and succeed. However, we wanted to convey our brand message in ways that felt more alive and meaningful to our everyday life. So we needed to take a closer look to our identity - our brand core.

After several weeks of intensive focus and collaborative workshops we were ready to share our renewed brand. I believe that our success formula was a combination of three things:

  1. We had been working already with the basics, like company purpose, values, and our desired target audience and buyer personas.

  2. We had a perfect combination of people on board: people with visionary views about our industry and business environment, people with experience in brand building and everyone having regular customer dialogues.

  3. We were committed and shared the same mindset about agile way of working.  Things were proceeding systematically with small steps on a daily basis, which gave us time to test and change different options during the process.

A manifesto for modern talk

We ended up writing out a manifesto to declare the view we have on the human communication in today’s modern world:

Humans are social creatures. We need each other. Talking has always been important and plays a key role in the interaction between people. Our mutual trust is based on communication and dialogue.

Emotions are expressed with our voices. It can be sensed when someone truly cares and helps. You can even hear a smile. We have the smartest technology for better interaction between people. Especially for talking.

We at Benemen provide smart communication technology for improving the discussions between companies and people.

Our newly crafted manifesto was a perfect foundation to clarify our brand promise:

We make talking smarter – one conversation at a time.

And in the end, we managed to crystallise the Benemen core just in two words:

Modern Talking.

Easy to remember? I think so. Linked to our core business? Definitely. Brings a smile on your face? Hmm.. maybe depends on which decade year you were born... 

Combining our brand core, brand promise and manifesto with our recently updated values, we have a perfect framework for us “benemenians” to do our daily work with a customer centric mindset always in our mind. We need to breathe our values and brand promise every day, all of us. That is the way to succeed and serve our customer in best possible way.

Welcome to the world of modern talking!

p.s. Interested to join us? Have a look at our open jobs. We’re always on the look  out for smart, passionate individuals who are ready to help us bring modern talking to more people

Just keep talking

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Written by Henna Rundgren

Henna's mission is to enable the digital marketing team’s success. The goal is to build a data driven marketing platform that drives Benemen's growth towards new spheres. Henna is greatly inspired when she can help people take leaps closer to their top potential as experts.


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